Special Student Application

General Application Conditions

Applicants must have graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program.

Special student study is not a means of directly obtaining a degree from the relevant program, and cannot exceed two semesters. Students who take classes under the status of special student cannot benefit from student rights. Students who take courses taught in English under the status of special student and are subsequently admitted to graduate programs may count at most two courses successfully completed according to Article 15 of the IzTech Graduate Education Regulations toward their degree, pending approval of the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences and the Institute Board of Directors.

Required Documents for Special Student Application 

1) Petition

2) Diploma or certified copy (Diploma/ temporary graduation certificate/e-government graduation certificate with control code)

3) Passport photocopy (for foreign candidates)


Application Adress

İZTECH Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences
Gülbahçe 35430 Urla / İzmir / Turkey
Tel: +90 232 750 6362
Tel: +90 232 750 6352

Assessment of the Applicants

Assessment results shall be announced on our website after the Institute Board Directors have discussed and confirmed the results. The medium of education at İzmir Institute of Technology for undergraduate program is 100% English. 

Please click here for a petition sample for a special student application.