Applications to Ph.D. Programs with a Master’s Degree

Required Documents and Information for Applications to Ph.D. Programs with a Master’s Degree

1) Printed online Application Form, signed and with a photo attached. To apply to two programs, two copies of the online application form (signed and with photo attached) and two sets of all documents listed below must be submitted.

2) Passport photocopy (for foreign candidates)

3) One passport-style photo

4) Bachelor’s and Master’s Transcripts (Turkish or English  with wet signature / with an e-signature containning verification code)

Uncertified copies of wet signed transcript will not be accepted.

Transcripts in a language other than Turkish or English must be submitted with a certified Turkish or English translation to the Institute along with the original transcript.

Applicants who have not yet graduated from their undergraduate programs can submit their up-to-date official transcripts, including grades up to the preceding semester.

5) ALES exam results (ALES scores are valid for 5 years. The control code should be clearly legible in the exam result document.)

Applicants must earn a minimum score of 60 on the ALES quantitative exam or 151 on the GRE quantitative exam.

6) English Proficiency Exam Results

In order to apply, applicants must have a minimum score of 55 from a Turkish English proficiency exam such as YDS, YDS-e, or YÖKDİL (taken within the past 5 years and with clearly legible control code) or a minimum score of 66 from the TOEFL iBT Test (taken within the past 2 years, official TOEFL document).

The medium of instruction is 100% English. The above mentioned foreign language test scores are just the minimum scores required for application. Admitted applicants must fulfill at least one of the foreign language exemption requirements or pass the English Proficiency Exam of the IzTech School of Foreign Languages in order to start their programs.

Accepted candidates who do not fulfill at least one of the exemption conditions and cannot pass the English Proficiency Exam of the IzTech School of Foreign Languages are enrolled in the IzTech English Preparatory School and are subject to the IzTech School of Foreign Languages English Preparatory School Regulations. Students who fulfill the requirements of these regulations are eligible to enroll in the Ph.D. program.

For English proficiency exemption conditions, click here.

7) Letter of Intent specifying the candidate’s motivation for pursuing a master’s degree

8) For working candidates, a document from the employer giving permission to study

Application Deadline and Interview

The application period begins in June, and the deadline is June 30, 2020. After online application, all application documents must be submitted in person or sent by postal mail to the application address given below. Foreign applicants can also send the required application information and documents by e-mail. The deadline for application documents to reach our institution is June 30, 2020. Late application documents are not taken into consideration. All applicants who submit the complete list of documents and whose applications are accepted will attend interview exams in the announced date and place.

Application Adress

İZTECH Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences
Gülbahçe 35430 Urla / İzmir / Turkey
Tel: +90 232 750 6362


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