Application to Master’s Programs

Required Documents and Information for Master’s Degree Program Applications

You can find the graduate programs that will take students and the graduation requirements for these programs from the link below. (Candidates who are in their last term and are at the graduation stage can also apply.)

Click for programs that will take graduate students.

In addition, below are the other conditions and documents required for application. You can apply to graduate programs if you meet the graduation requirements and other requirements.

1)  Passport photo (must be in JPG format and maximum 2 mb size. If you receive the photo, it will be used on your student ID, so it must be uploaded in the desired format.)

2) ALES or GRE Exam results (ALES and GRE scores are valid for 5 years. The control code must be clearly legible in the exam result document). Applicants must earn a minimum score of 60 on the quantitative section of the ALES exam or 151on the quantitative section of the GRE (General Test) exam.

For the Engineering Management Master (non-thesis) Program, an official document from SGK certifying that the applicant has at least 1250 days of work experience may be submitted in place of ALES.

In the absence of the GRE score mentioned above, conditional application can be made. In this case, GRE score will be evaluated as 151 while the application is evaluated. In case of acceptance to the program, the exam document containing at least 151 GRE quantitative points must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by 15/12/2020. If the exam document is not delivered by this date, the student is dismissed from the program.

ALES results are not required for admission to the non-thesis Master of Science in Architectural Restoration or the non-thesis Master of Science in Mathematics.

An ALES score is not required for the graduates of Ph.D./ proficiency in arts/ specialty in medicine/ specialty in dentistry/ specialty in veterinary medicine/ specialty in pharmacology in their applications to graduate programs. In the evaluation of these candidates, regardless of the type of score to enter the graduate program or their area of specialty, the ALES score will be taken into account as 70 points. These candidates must certify that they meet the above-mentioned requirements. (Diploma for graduates, transcript for the applicants who are in the phase of graduation etc.)

3) Undergraduate transcript (Turkish or English)

The Turkish or English certified translation of the transcript prepared in a language other than Turkish or English must also be uploaded to the system.

The original (with wet signature) of the transcript you declared during the application will be requested for final records (excluding e-signed transcript documents with a verification code). Candidates who fail to submit the original transcript during the final registration will lose their right to register. Considering this situation, it is strongly recommended to obtain the wet signature of the declared transcript as soon as possible.

Candidates who have not yet graduated from the undergraduate program must use the GPA of the previous semester if all the courses they have taken in the semester they applied are not graded. During the evaluation, the grade point average declared in the application is used.

4)  Composition (Turkish or English) stating the reason for wanting to study and in which field of study

In case of applications to two graduate programs, a separate essay must be written for each program.

5) Letter stating that employees are allowed to receive postgraduate education from their institution

6)  For Foreign Language Exemption; Certificate of exemption of the candidate who fulfills at least one of the foreign language exemption conditions stated below (For exemption, candidates who have sufficient language score from YDS or YÖKDİL exams must have the control code legibly on their language exam result documents.)

The language of instruction in our institute is 100% English. However, there is no foreign language requirement for applying to graduate programs, and candidates who are admitted must certify that they meet at least one of the foreign language exemption requirements or pass the IZTECH School of Foreign Languages ​​English level determination exam in order to start their programs.

Candidates who cannot meet at least one of the exemption requirements or who are not successful in the IZTECH School of Foreign Languages English Level Assessment Exam, who are enrolled in the IZTECH English Preparatory Program, are subject to the IZTECH School of Foreign Languages ​​Department of Basic English Preparatory Class Regulation. Students who fulfill the requirements of the aforementioned regulation are entitled to enroll in the graduate program they have accepted.

However, those who apply and are accepted to the Engineering Management Non-Thesis Master’s Program must meet at least one of the foreign language exemption requirements or pass the IZTECH School of Foreign Languages English level determination exam. English preparatory education is not available for those who do not meet at least one of the exemption requirements or fail the English placement test.

Candidates who meet at least one of the foreign language exemption requirements must document their status.

Click for exemption conditions.

7)  Candidates who have the graduation requirement for the graduate program to be applied for, as well as the other requirements stated above, must apply via the link below and upload all the required documents to the system.

It is possible to apply to one program or at most two programs.

Information Required for Application

Applications for graduate programs will start in December.

All documents must be legible (the control code of the exam documents must be legible), and the photograph must be uploaded to the our application system in the desired format. Applications of candidates who upload incomplete or illegible documents or documents that do not comply with the required conditions will be considered invalid and will not be processed.

Evaluation of Applications

Applications to master’s programs due to the COVID 19 Pandemic will be evaluated through online interviews or application documents. You can access the evaluation method information of the program you are applying for from the link below. In addition, departments that will conduct online interviews will announce information about online interviews on their web pages.

Click for the evaluation methods of applications made to graduate programs.

Send questions regarding applications to:

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