To the Attention of Students Who Will Not Request for Suspension of Studies and Who Will Take Their Thesis Defense Exams in the Spring Semester of 2019-2020 Academic Year

1) The students who will take the thesis defense exam in accordance with the Senate Decision No. 8/2, dated 25.02.2020, will personally submit their thesis drafts and plagiarism reports to the jury members. They will not submit the thesis draft and plagiarism report to the Graduate Scool before the defense.

2) The deadline for the submission of the thesis defense exam jury suggestions from the Head of Department to the Graduate Scool is June 23, 2020. The students who will take the thesis defense exam in the Spring Semester should determine their jury members, the exam date, place and time together with their thesis advisors, and submit the following forms and their attachments in the “Forms” section of the Graduate Scool web site to their Head of Department before 23 June 2020. These forms and their attachments then, should be sent to Graduate Scool as letter attachments, by Head Of Departments via EBYS until the end of the working hours of 23 June 2020.