A. Documents and Information Required for Formal Application to Master’s Programs

1) The printout of the online pre-registration form – signed and with a photo attached (To apply for two programs, two copies of the online pre-registration form (photographed and signed) and all the documents stated below should be submitted to the Graduate School.)

2) One passport-style photo

3) Transcripts (certified)

  • Applicants who have not yet graduated from the BS programs can submit their transcripts including the grades of the preceding semester in the registration.

4) T.C. citizens who studies abroad, and  international students after they are accepted to the program, they have to submit HIE Recognition letter taken from Turkey Council of Higher Education to the Iztech  Registrar’s Office on the final registration date.

For the recognition letter please click on the link

5) ALES exam result (It is valid for 5 years from the date announced.)

  • Applicants are required to have at least 60 points from ALES quantitative (received within 5 years) or GRE quantitative >= 151 (received within 5 years).  (GRE Original Copy)
  • Official letter(s) form previous affiliation(s), certifying that the applicant has at least 1250 days of working experience (to be documented by relevant government body) for master of Science in Engineering Management.
  • ALES result is not required for Architectural Restoration (Non-thesis) and Mathematics Non-Thesis MS programs.

6) English Proficiency Exam Result

Language proficiency is not required to apply for the MS programs. Starting the program and be exempted from English, the applicants admitted should meet one of the requirements for exemption.

Click here for the exemption requirements.

7) Two reference letters (Two different samples of reference letter that can be taken from the link below will be filled by the references and delivered to the Institute in a close envelope with other papers in registration).

Click here for the reference letter form.

8) Letter of Intention

9) Working candidates need to submit a document from their employers which states their permission.

Deadline for the Formal Applications

The applications to these programs will start in December and the final application deadline will be 25 December 2018. The application documents are required to be submitted in person or to be sent by postal mail. The deadline for the applications sent by postal mail to arrive at our institute is 25 December 2018, there will not be any extensions/exceptions. All applicants who has submitted the complete list of documents and whose application files have been accepted are required to enter the interview exams.

Click for pre-registration.