A. General Application Requirements

  •  Having graduated from an undergraduate or post-graduate program
  • You could register as a special students for only two semesters. If you would like to continue later, you can apply to graduate program and two of the courses you have taken could be accepted by the program that you registered as special students before. We have to warn you these are applicable  if the courses are not taken before three academic years.

B. Documents Required for Application 

  1. Letter of Application
  2. Diploma or a certified copy.
  3. Passport photocopy (For foreign national candidates)

C. Mail Adress for Application Documents

Candidates with the above-mentioned documents are required to apply in person or by mail to the office address on the campus. Application to be a special student has to be done between 21th and 25nd Junuary 2019. The deadline for application material by post is Junuary 25, 2019. Delays in post or incomplete applications will not be considered.

 D. Assessment of the Applicants

Assessment results shall be announced on our website after the Institute Board Directors have discussed and confirmed the results. The medium of education at İzmir Institute of Technology for undergraduate program is 100% English. 

Please click here for a petition sample for a special student application.